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CTE Pathways

Career Pathways are a roadmap to a student’s educational and career goals. Each area of study has multiple pathways so that students can tailor their learning to their individual interests and abilities. 


Career pathway completers receive a white cord that is worn at graduation as recognition of their achievement. Pathway completion can be included on resumes, college applications, and scholarship applications.


2023 Pathways

Students graduating in 2023 or beyond should follow these pathway requirements.


cte directions.jpg

Department Pathway Infographics

For additional insights on our Family and Consumer Science and Business/Marketing Pathways, please see the following infographics:   

Business/Marketing Pathways Infographic
Family & Consumer Science Infographic


Now open - closes April 21, 2023

Pathway Application

If you are interested in completing a Career Pathway please contact Kelly Seale in room 5 or at with any questions. Students must submit this pathway application

4th term of their senior year.


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