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Credit Recovery & Online Courses

See your counselor for more information on how to register for these courses.
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Online Original and/or Credit Recovery

Students can choose to take online classes through either Utah Students Connect or SEATS.  Click to view a description of these options and contact your counselor if you would like to take any of these classes online.




Independent Study Credit Recovery 

This options allows students to make up failed courses through online Independent Study courses. 

To receive credit recovery:

   1.  See counselor to get account created.

   2.  Pay $20 to the finance office for a quarter credit packet or $35 for a

        semester credit packet.

   3.  Bring receipt to counseling center to get enrolled in course(s).

   4.  Expect to hear from your counselor who will be working with you to

        complete the course(s). 


Nebo Online Learning Summit -- 
Nebo Online Learning Summit is Nebo District's own K-12 program for full-time online students.

Statewide Online Education Program

This program enables eligible students to earn high school graduation credit through the completion of publicly funded online courses.

Students are eligible to earn high school credit through SOEP if they:

  • are enrolled in a public school in Utah, or

  • attend a private school or home school in Utah and have a custodial parent or guardian who is a resident of Utah.

Online Course Providers


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BYU Independent Study

These are online courses through BYU Independent Study available to all high school students.  Courses range from $55-160 per semester credit.
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